Red Wine Colors Glass Tile 2'' x 2'' Leaf Carving Imprints Antique Mosaics Textured Rose Gold Metal Kitchen Bathroom Walls Backsplash Tiles

Royal court style,antique glass mosaic tile This burgundy red glass tile combines 70% glass, 15% metal and 15% engraved imprinted resin mosaics. It brings a different kind of exotic atmosphere to people. The tiles are square and mesh mounted which can be easily cut. For most projects, you will be able to cut these tiles without a wet saw. These tiles are perfect for home projects.

How to use this glass mosaic tile?

  • Kitchen backsplash tile
  • Kitchen wall mosaic tiles
  • Bathroom backsplash tile
  • Bath accent wall tiles
  • Shower wall tiles
  • Shower accent tiles
  • Fireplace mosaic tiles
  • Bar mosaic tiles

Wide us for interior wall decor, water and heat resistant. The glass metal tile works well for kitchen bathroom fireplace backsplash walls.


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