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Multicolor Porcelain Mosaic Tile - Colorful Unique, and Statement-Making.

This tile is just as pictured—colorful, unique, and statement-making. The individual tiles are very small; smaller than the average fingernail. They’re almost like little chicklets, which I love. They’re easy to work with thanks to the mesh backing. A few of mine arrived with some tiles that had broke lose, but they were all in the box and easy enough to replace with some tile adhesive, so it was no problem. I used these to do a wall in a small powder room that was devoid of any character. These added the punch I was looking for! Our house is over a hundred years old, so that means that perfectly square corners are few and far between. However, it was fairly easy to work with that thanks to the small size of these individual tiles—was really easy to cut the mesh backing to get the size as right as possible for our wonky walls. Used white tile adhesive and I’m not sure I’ll even grout, to be honest. They look pretty darn good as-is, since the spacing between the small tiles is pretty ti