New Design Stainless Steel and Glass Blend Tile

Crackle Glass Backsplash Tile Stainless Steel Metal Tiles Blue Hand Painted Frosted Glass Mosaic Wall Tile New Design Decor
Stainless Steel and Glass Blend Tile was designed based on glass tile. When adding stainless steel chips in, it makes the tile stunning. High quality stainless steel will not get rusty. The glass chips are also new designed which may have stone marks printed on back or wave effect on finish. Some even added natural marble stone chips.
Metal Tile Clear Crystal Dark Emperador Mosaic Patterns Stainless Steel Glass Diamond Mosaics
If you like the look of stainless steel appliances, but dislike the idea of an entire kitchen backsplash made of stainless steel tiles, then mixing glass with stainless steel might warm things up a little bit, and help you to achieve that contemporary kitchen design without making it too cold.
Does this design idea sound good? How about matching the different sizes and thickness? Wouldn't that be an issue or a hassle to accomplish? Well, we have good news! Here, at Hominter Tiles, we have many mosaic tile blends that combine glass and stainless steel, sometimes even natural stone.
Metal Backsplash Tiles Silver Stainless Steel & Glass Mosaic Crystal Diamond Tile Wall Decor 
The advantaged of those mosaic tile blends is the fact that all tiles have the same thickness and are mesh backing for an easy installation. You don't even have to worry about the ratio of stainless steel and glass. It is all well thought out.
Gold Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash Stainless Steel with Base Metal and Clear Crystal Tiles
Pick your favorite stainless steel and glass mosaic tile blend, and coordinate your kitchen backsplash with your stainless steel appliances. Not sure which one to choose? You can order as many sample swatches as you want online. Once you receive them, put one by one on your countertop and kitchen cabinets to decide which one will look better.

I want to learn more about Hominter Mosaic Tile.


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