Tile Trends 2018

Unlike other home trends you might see, tile trends can change somewhat quickly. This year, there's a focus on Beach Style Tile that we'll certainly see in tile trends throughout every room. Because tile comes in so many variations, choosing the right option can be difficult. Here's what you'll be seeing more of in 2018:

This is our new design marble glass tile, we name this tile "Stone Age". It is interlocking design with blue crystal glass and grey marble stone. we polish the surface of the marble to make it glossy, the blue glass chips look like the diamond "Heart of Ocean".

The tile has a name of rainbow, because it has iridescent finish, you will see different colors from different angles, it may looks like blue, green, purple, pink or yellow etc. It is interlocking design with mirrored stainless steel chips and crystal glass which will reflect and make counter space seem bigger.
From backsplashes to flooring, tile is a versatile material that can be used in many rooms of the home. It can create a whole new look for your kitchen, bathroom and more. It can also be a quick update depending on the scope of the project. That's why more homeowners are looking at tile trends more than ever to make sure their home is up-to-date.
Of course, tile can also make a home look dated. Things as simple as changing your backsplash or retailing your shower can make a big difference in updating a room. So, if you’re ready to replace old tile in your home or create a new look, here are the tile trends for 2018.
This stone glass tile has a name "Peaceful Beach Holiday". It has interlocking pattern. The lake green crystal glass chips looks like the sea, the super white stone chips sand for the waves, and the sandy acrylic chips stand for the beach. These harmonious colors weave a peaceful beach holiday dream. The acrylic chips have real small conchs shells and sand in them. Bring nature to your home!


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