We select 3 tiles to use as kitchen backsplash very cook

Christmas is coming! Do you want to remold your home to welcome and celebrate Christmas? We select 3 tiles to use as kitchen backsplash, take a look!

1. Crystal Glass Metal Mosaic Tiles Kitchen Backsplash Stainless Steel Tile Bathroom Glass Diamond Wall Tile Floor Design
Glass and metal tile work together in combination to add artful design to many areas of the home and commercial applications. When you apply a variety of textures and colors side by side, they create a new dimension in that area that is unique, warm, and inviting. Turn a tired looking ordinary kitchen backsplash, bathroom backsplash, wall into a special place to be with the addition of bright stylish and colorful glass and soft toned metal tiles.

2. Grey Stone with Crystal Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash Wall Interlocking Washroom Bedroom Kitchen 9805
Glass stone tiles both have glittering crystal glass mosaic chips and natural marble stone. The high-temperature glass chips are stable and durable. The colors will never fade away. As for the marble chips, the color will not be always same which means the marble chips may have color variation. Some even have wave marks on the finish. However, it is just showing the nature beauty.

Shell mosaic tiles are 100% natural products that coming from the natural shell, no industrial waste or energy were used in manufacturing the beautiful shell mosaic tile, thus qualifying as green products.

Welcome to our website and choose your favorites, feel free to contact us if you have any further question.


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