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New Design Stainless Steel and Glass Blend Tile

Stainless Steel and Glass Blend Tile was designed based on glass tile. When adding stainless steel chips in, it makes the tile stunning. High quality stainless steel will not get rusty. The glass chips are also new designed which may have stone marks printed on back or wave effect on finish. Some even added natural marble stone chips.
If you like the look of stainless steel appliances, but dislike the idea of an entire kitchen backsplash made of stainless steel tiles, then mixing glass with stainless steel might warm things up a little bit, and help you to achieve that contemporary kitchen design without making it too cold.
Does this design idea sound good? How about matching the different sizes and thickness? Wouldn't that be an issue or a hassle to accomplish? Well, we have good news! Here, at Hominter Tiles, we have many mosaic tile blends that combine glass and stainless steel, sometimes even natural stone.
The advantaged of those mosaic tile blends is the fact that all tiles…

5 Trends of Backsplashes Tile in 2018

The use of backsplash tile was a trend that exploded starting 2001. It is commonly seen in bathrooms and kitchens in modern homes. These are still trending today with many incorporated into office bathrooms and function halls where glass and metal along with ceramic are common. It isn’t uncommon to walk into an office bathroom and find urinals and toilet cubicles separated by glass blocks and the walls fronting sinks made of backsplash glass tile in clear, opaque, translucent or etched designs.

If you are remodeling your home and want to consider backsplash tile for your kitchen or bathroom you might want to consider the following:

1. Colorful Glass Tile: Color is the language we speak at Hominter Mosaics. The collection of tile colors we offer is extraordinary. If you are seeking that perfect color for your installation, this is where you will find it.

2. Fish Scale Mother of Pearl Shell Tile: Get out of the way boring square and subway tile! Make way for mermaid and fish scale tile…

Tile Trends 2018

Unlike other home trends you might see, tile trends can change somewhat quickly. This year, there's a focus on Beach Style Tile that we'll certainly see in tile trends throughout every room. Because tile comes in so many variations, choosing the right option can be difficult. Here's what you'll be seeing more of in 2018:
This is our new design marble glass tile, we name this tile "Stone Age". It is interlocking design with blue crystal glass and grey marble stone. we polish the surface of the marble to make it glossy, the blue glass chips look like the diamond "Heart of Ocean".

The tile has a name of rainbow, because it has iridescent finish, you will see different colors from different angles, it may looks like blue, green, purple, pink or yellow etc. It is interlocking design with mirrored stainless steel chips and crystal glass which will reflect and make counter space seem bigger.
From backsplashes to flooring, tile is a versatile material that…

Trendy tile projects that best fit your wall and floor

If you are renovating any area of your home, it may be time to try something new, such as bringing tile into main living areas in addition to your bathrooms and kitchen. New designs, styles and technologies are making tile the most versatile and accessible remodeling material.
Tile has always been durable and easy to maintain, tile has a long life span and classic good looks, making it a favorite wall and floor of choice wherever homeowners need a home renovation material that's both practical and beautiful. Even more design options are available now, making tile a smart wall or floor surface in virtually any room of the home.
Homeowners, builders, designers and product developers are thinking outside the box when incorporating tile into renovations and new builds. From bringing tile mosaic up the wall, to using the same tile mosaic across multiple rooms.
Finding the right time to remodel your master bedroom can be a challenge, but the right move can add value to your home. Make a…

13 Recommended Tile Projects

The right backsplash can help create a spa-like environment in the bathroom. Find ideas and inspiration for antique iridescent glass tile to add to your own home. These homeowners created a fresh take on vintage by incorporating green penny tiles in the black-and-white borders on the shower and bathroom floor. #bathroom #hominter #tilestyle #homeinspiration #interiordesign #instahome
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Glass tile is great for wall decor from living room, dinning room, bedroom, kitchen backsplash and bathroom shower etc. Find ideas and inspiration for gold glass tile to add to your own home. Using wall tiles to decorate your living and dining rooms is an overlooked but gold crystal glass tile bathroom tiles kitchen backsplash silver plated glass mosaic sheets. #walldecor #hominter #homedecor #home #homeinspiration #instahome #homestyle #homedesign
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Have you ever thought of using mother of pearl tiles on your fireplace? Mo…